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If you love landscape and nature photography you have come to the right place. Iceland has so much to offer to us photographers. So much - that it can actually be a little overwhelming! Then it’s good to have a local guide, who is also a professional photographer.


I can assist in making the most of the time you have to shoot. Being a photographer myself I understand your needs better than a traditional tour guide.

Although Iceland has many spectacular landscape locations, I feel that the quality of light is what makes this country so amazing. Photography is all about the light and how we capture its play. I wont tell you to pack up just as the light gets interesting. However someitmes it’s easy to get completely caught up with one location, not realizing that just a few minutes away lies an even better one.


A big part of my drive to travel around my country and photographs is that I always find something new that surprises me.


So if you are looking for a interesting tour with a guide who understands your needs as a photographer – look no further.


A warm geothermal creek in the Kerlingarfjöll mountian range.

Shot during the endless summer night.


You don’t have to travel too far from city to get to some cool locations. I can pick you up at your hotel and we can be out shooting before you know it. That is the beauty about Iceland.


 The standard tourist day trips are often focused on certain “classic” spots such as Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir hot spring and Þingvellir National Park. Going on such trips is fine, but usually you don't get the time nor the flexibility you need as a photographer.

With me you will be offered new angles on these classics and you will get to see other locations without the restrictions of group travel. I try to tailor each tour accourding to the best weather and light, so in summer we typically leave later and stay out late, often until sunset. We can even do an all-nighter and stay up until sunrise if you are up for it. If it's a sunny day then shooting during the harsh light during mid day in summer is not good for landscape photography. Being on a later schedule also helps us avoid the crowds.

In winter the light can be limited, so the shooting hours are usually fewer. However the low angle of the sun is great for winter landscapes and the beautiful twilight can seem endless.


A fresh take on Gullfoss waterfall during the short winter day.

Sometimes you just need to get up close and personal.


The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights - as we usually call them - can be a little finicky. To have a chance to catch them we need to have good solar activity and at least partially clear skies where we are located.

If you are visiting Iceland in Autumn or Winter, and it looks like we might get lucky, I offer a Northern Lights Option to my Day Tours. That means that we extend the tour hours into the evening/night and go hunting for the Auroras. 

I will help you with all the gear preparations and camera settings - so if this beautiful natural phenomenon does show up - you will be ready to capture it. 

For many of my clients the Northern Lights is the main reason they decide to visit Iceland during winter. For us natives the lights are quite common. But I must say, a proper light show takes my breath away every time!


Northern Lights dancing over Flosagjá fissure at Þingvellir National Park.

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