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Hiking the geothermal hills of Kerlingarfjöll Mountain Range.


The Highlands Adventure Tour costs US$ 1.900 and the duration is from 10-14 hours. Please note that this tour is only available in summer.


The price includes pick-up and drop-off where you stay, guiding and tutition, transport in my Land Rover Defender and fuel costs. Meals/drinks are not included.


My Land Rover seats up to four passengers but three will be more comfortable.

Laugahraun Lava field and Norðurbarmur bathed

in warm evening light in background.

The Central Highlands of Iceland are just incredible. The landscapes are so diverse, from pitch black sands and rough dark lava to colourful Rhyolit mountains and steaming Geothermal hills. 


These areas are only accessible in summer, usually from the middle of June until late September or early October. 

The two areas I offer tours to are the Kerlingarfjöll Mountain Range, that are located just south west of Hofsjökull Glacier and the Landmannalaugar and Fjallabak Nature Reserve regionthat are north of Mýrdalsjökull Glacier.

Both these locations offer magnificent vistas and a lot of intimate landscape possibilities. You can hike as much as you like since there are many great trails. 

To get to these places takes us around 2-3 hour from Reykjavík, but there are some good spots to stop and shoot on the way to break up the drive. The Highlands Adventure Tours are usually quite long in duration, since the light quality gets better as the day goes. If we are lucky to get a good sunset then we will be getting back to the city in the early AM hours.

So you can expect to be tired - but I promise it will be worth it! And not to worry - since this is a private tour you have total flexibility. I never force people to do more or stay longer than they feel like.


Every day is different and each client has his own approach and needs - that I do my best to meet.

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