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Chris's first book is on the Contrasts in the Icelandic Nature.

It's 10x10 inches, hardcover with 144 pages, showcasing 130 photographs from his home country.

This is a personal book printed on Gardamatt smooth 170g paper. The layout is simple and each spread is thought out to show the diversity and beauty of Nature.

The images are varnished for added depth and clarity. Printing quality is excellent. The cover is laminated with a smooth finish so the book is soft to the touch.

"Iceland is not like any country - it's a Planet in itself. Living in this country has given one a strong feeling of purpose and belonging. And because Iceland and Icelanders are inseperable, protecting the nature is not just a passion but a urgent matter of survival. We can only protect something we know. To know something you have to see it with your own eyes or experience it through pictures. Then you are given a chance to connect with it emotionally which awakens your desire to protect it. 


I got my first camera of the age of five. Picture taking was always a part of my life as my dad is a photographer. During my childhood I travelled around Iceland as well as flew over the country with him in a small Cessna to shoot aerials. Thus I got introduced to my country both from the air and up close. But not all get such an opportunity to connect with their land. My hope is that my photography can bring people closer to the treasure that our Nature truly is and inspire more to get involved in protecting it." - CL

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